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Glass shower
Glass is one of the most used with ceramic materials, wood, concrete,stone, marble and synthetic materials.
The glass in shower gives transparency to the bathroom and highlights space.
The glass fits only the walls of the shower, the shower screen in the door ...
The glass is increasingly used for showers.
More durable and resistant than acrylic wall,Glass Shower Enclosures are also more elegant and allows more fantasy.
The shower glass is safety glass necessarily, because in case of shock, the glass fragments remain.
The glass shower has walls whose thickness is between 3 and 8 mm.
3 mm is the minimum thickness required by safety standards.
The ideal thickness we recommend for shower glass is 4 mm for walls and 5 mm for the door.
From 6 mm, a glass panel no longer requires a framework, which allows you to play even more transparency.
Warning: more glass is thicker, it will be more shock resistant but it will be heavy to handle.
Glass Shower Enclosures Virginia makes every whim decoration. There are different decoration techniques:
sanding (sandblasted effect)
moulding at the time of manufacture to provide reliefs in the glass shower
granite (opaque effect)
Screen printed (printing method on glass)
The shower glass is more expensive with decorations smooth. It takes something within your affordability or a little more for this set up and to be decorated.
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Advantages of glass
Glass shower
Top design:
A very material design, luxurious and durable.
It enlarges the space, light passes through transparent walls.
Available in several colors as can be stained easily.
Sometimes opaque (frosted glass etc.): It can be translucent and not transparent, which further protects your privacy.
Can be combined with other materials such as wood, for a more contemporary style.
Good resistance to stains.
Cannot mark the glass permanently.
Excellent sealing.
Glass Disadvantages: Cost and Maintenance
Remains fragile.
Although there are lenses more resistant the glass is not unbreakable.
Use safety glasses, such as tempered glass.
Maintenance common: a trace of limestone is visible, you must go very often a sponge.
This is also one of the most expensive accessories and complements for materials.
The installation is very careful. Hence it is wise to opt for the support of our experts for these Glass Shower Enclosures Vienna, VA.
Shower quarter circle for corner mounting
Shower quarter circle by our experts for corner mounting, 90 cm with sliding doors, proposed with transparent glass or screen. Interior and exterior grating Red Cedar optional.
Ecological shower cubicle
Shower ecological which are equipped with a high-pressure pump with a flow rate of considerable amount of flow per minute, inset thermostatic mixer , a large tropical rain shower, the exact amount of massage jets and the same amount of the other features like dorsal. Options are there in the features like the ones with aromatherapy, chromo therapy and also the radios.