Interior Sliding Doors & Partitions

The Laguna Series Sliding Glass Door System , Ideal for Interior Room Applications , such as Dressing Rooms, Wardrobe Doors, Bathroom Entry Doors , Offices, and more. We provide different types of glass and thickness.? The Laguna Series Sliding Glass Doors Systems brings a contemporary new look to the home or office , It can be installed on glass partitions or directly to the side of sufficiently reinforced wall. Apart from serving as interior doors, they are increasingly used as partitions. The Laguna series is intended for non wet areas and is commonly used as an entry door to a bedroom, bathroom or closet. This door system can be installed on glass panels or directly to a sufficiently reinforced wall. Stainless Steel hardware. For use with 3/8″ or 1/2″ Tempered Glass.

Interior glass doors and partitions offer homeowners and designers new and innovative ways to transform the look of their homes, offices, and loft spaces. You can choose from standard clear, frosted, or linen glasses or go with something more unique like our ColourGlas painted glass or possibly a sandblasted or etched panel.They can be used for traditional interior door applications like closets or as innovative moving walls that create very flexible spaces. Thanks to our low-cost manufacturing processes, our interior sliding doors are beautifully affordable, yet built to the highest safety and quality standards, providing the most high-end product on the market at affordable prices.