Frameless Shower Doors - Tyson's Corner, VA:

Features that you should know of the Frameless Doors
Doors That Are Frameless Shower For Modern Look:
Modern shower door is our latest design for contemporary bathrooms . This shower door frameless pivot with glass side panel and back gives a unique style to any bathroom design. This cabin can be used as shower door, door steam bath or a contemporary door to a bathroom or a shower semi. We can also provide custom fully frosted glass if you prefer.
Reading on you will know why these Frameless Shower Doors are so preferred.

  • A new design for shower doors.
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.
  • Dimensions of shower doors are just perfect for your home.
  • Very suitable for shower doors, bathrooms and shower rooms to be used as semi shower.
  • Perfect for floors of bathrooms and shower trays.
  • Custom sizes available measures.
  • Frosted glass shower available on request.
  • Toughened safety glass rigid 10mm.
  • Shower Door lifetime warranty.
  • The price includes delivery to all France.
Frameless Shower Doors Virginia made of safety glass for rough use….
This shower door/wallmade and designed in the UK is made of tempered safety glass with extra thick 10mm. This shower door is suspended by sturdy chrome hinges for smooth movement adding a touch of high quality contemporary style without frame.
  • Made by our experts and result of their years of expertise.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Very suitable for shower trays and shower rooms.
  • Rigid safety glass10mm.
  • The custom sizes are available upon request.
  • The shower trays hard wood are no longer available.
  • The price includes delivery to all France.
  • Price excluding Vat.
Partition Frameless Shower Door:
This frameless shower has been designed and manufactured in the VA part . Each retractable frameless wall is made of toughened safety glass 10mm giving quality and rigidity. With its sturdy chrome-plated brass and wall supports for the glass hinges, shower partition that is elegant and solid construction. Each partition has a shower closure tape giving a quality and modern style. The treatment kit for easy cleaning of the glass is optional. Sizes are of varying heights and are made keeping in mind about your comfort.
  • Designed and manufactured in our company.
  • Rigid safety glass 10mm.
  • Frameless Shower.
  • 5 year warranty.
  • The price includes clean delivery through out Tyson’s Corner.
Shower Doors Saloon:
These Frameless Shower Doors Tyson’s Corner, VA are with high quality both swing pivot inwardly and outwardly doors. With chrome hinges that ensure a smooth opening and partition profiles that allow adjustments of 10mm between the two wings movement.
  • Made in VA, Herndon and also Tyson’s Corner.
  • Pivoting inwardly and outdoors.
  • Hinges ensuring a smooth movement.
  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • Very suitable for shower trays and shower rooms.
  • Glass rigid safety 8mm.
  • Custom sizes are available on request.
  • The price includes delivery through out France.