Custom Shower Enclosures - Springfield, VA:

Custom Enclosures which are Perfect for your shower
Custom shower patterns and more….
Fixture in a bathroom, the shower tends to be more advantageous than the bathtub because it offers a quick use and saves considerable space. Many solutions are available but it is important to choose the right location and especially to choose what type of shower you want: shower ready to install a shower area to measure, a walk-in shower, anopen or enclosed shower, hydro massage shower ... the options are showers available to your bathroom.
1. Shower tray with extra flat
Shower tray with extra flat, i.e.ultra-thin, this is the big trend in the bathroom and the manufacturers do not lack imagination in both materials in colors. This type of receivers is also a great alternative to the walk-in shower.
2. Shower glass walls
Open shower or shower with glass walls, we opt for the second solution easily to optimize space. For shower walls have many advantages! Completely sealed, rigid so easy to clean, Custom Shower Enclosures let the light in bringing comfort and modernity. Glass or acrylic, straight or curved, they adapt with style in all configurations.
3. A shower or shower full
Shower cabins ready to install offer the fastest and easiest way to build a shower space. Square, rectangular, quadrant ... their shapes and dimensions allow any type of implantation. Easy and convenient, these Custom Shower Enclosures Virginia are...
Yet another type….
Shower design with hinged door crystal. The door opening system is based on the principle of the pivot, which gives it a particular opening. A steel band runs through the door. Shower tray white crystal plane.
4. A walk-in shower:
The walk-in shower in cracked more than one: it is a walk-in shower without a door for easy access. It melts atmosphere of a room or a bathroom in.
5. A classic but stylish shower
The main feature that distinguishes the traditional shower of other types of showers is that the receiver is placed on the ground. The advantage of a traditional shower is that you can design by step. Here, it is equipped with a sliding door.
6. Hydro massage shower:
For all types of showers, you can opt for the Jacuzzi. Different equipment hydro massage shower, choose according to his budget, help get a massage and relax.
7. Shower with jet rainwater
The shower space blends seamlessly into the bathroom. Combining comfort and modernity, now opens the shower to relax. Rain shower offers a gentle feeling of well-being. In addition, it is design.
An excellent model Custom Shower Enclosures Springfield, VAwould be….
Shower module, such as this is the finest module market (only 10 cm) including a thermostat and shut-off valves for each function. With a shower head, body sprays swivel, tricks aesthetic and discreet storage (sideshelf, upper plate anti –slip)
8. Shower XXL:
Generally in length, these showers are popular for relaxation. Large shower XXL is the new luxury bathroom. Even more than the bathtub.
9. A masonry shower:
Masonry walls are made of bricks, tiles waterproof or glass tiles. The valves are built into the wall.