Frameless Shower Doors - Great Falls, VA:

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Breakaway Frameless Glass Shower Door Enclosure
Breakaway Frameless Shower Door Enclosure.... Shower in Illuminated Art! .... These stunning etched shower enclosures are hand-crafted, sandblast frosted and 3D carved work of art glass. Available any size, all custom shower glass is made to order and ships worldwide at reasonable prices. Our company has been creating designs for frameless glass shower doors and shower glass enclosures thru sandblasting, done different ways, creating different effects for different levels of privacy and price.
Frameless Shower Doors glass is always tempered and is usually 1/2" thick, or 3/8" depending on the size and shower configuration. Created in limitless configurations, from a simple shower door to a multi-panel enclosure with custom chiselled edges! Edges can be straight polished, or can feature one of our very own signature design custom hand chiselled edges.
Knowing how it works….
Across the top, of even where the door meets the panel next to it, custom chiselling definitely takes the custom look to another level. Whether we etch or deep carve, the glass, everything is done by sandblasting, and the sandblasted surface will be on the exterior surface of the glass, putting the smooth glass surface to the inside, which then can be "squeegeed" after showering. The fact is that our designs are sandblasted different ways which create not only different effects but different levels in price. The "same design, done different" - with no limit to design, there's something for every decor, regardless of style. Thus you can rely on our Frameless Shower Doors Virginia.
The frameless shower door is definitely a step up.
In years past, you may have had a shower/tub with a shower curtain. Then, you stepped up to a framed shower door (a shower door that has thin metal framing on all four sides). Then, you may have thought: Well, a frameless shower door would certainly enhance the look of my bathroom. How about it?
Frameless Shower Doors Great Falls, VA Basics

  • Better Looking - Face it, frameless shower doors look great. It's a simple slab of thick tempered glass that pivots smoothly from the shower wall or a glass shower enclosure.
  • Thicker Glass - Because frameless shower doors do not have the structural benefit of metal framing, the glass must be thicker. Glass is typically about a quarter-inch thick.
  • Heavy - A 72" x 36" frameless door may weigh as much as 70 pounds. Compare to a framed shower door, which may weigh about 45-50 pounds.
  • Expensive - Costs run from the $400s to the thousands. Framed shower doors easily will cost 40% less.
  • Easier to Clean - Solid sheet of glass has no framing to impede cleaning.
  • Difficult to Install - Because of the frameless door's excessive weight, care must be taken to ensure that it is securely installed--a task often best left to professionals.
  • Left or Right Opening - Most frameless doors have the option of hinges being installed on either side--but don't assume so. Check the specs.