Frameless Glass Shower Doors - Ashburn, VA:

The Best Frameless Shower Doors of Glass for you
We are capable of a lot:
We can provide with a certain structure whichisamodularshowerglasstothe frontentrance, large-profile wallwithout the need forsilicone.Modulaisastylishmodular systemforlarge showerswith no doors. Flexible andrefined styleand modern,fitsany space requirement. The installationcan beflush with the flooror on ashower tray.The individual elementsaremade of tempered glasswithananti-scalesystem which facilitatescleaning.In addition,thanks to the elegantassembly, the danger of mouldis reducedin a lasting way. Aspacious showerandtoiletareaforyour well-being!
Frameless Glass Shower Doors for your bathroom:
The frameless shower enclosures with hinges are characterized by modern design that will arouse interest in discerning customer. The thin wall profiles, handles and hinges elegant minimalistic are perfectly balanced in harmony that gives a unique look to the shower cabins. A very high standard underscores the glass height 2 mt with the treatment of the surface ANTIDROP for easy care and cleaning. This treatment is applied on all glasses with nanotechnology and is already included in the price. Login profit of 55 cm was maintained on all models of the cabins. The series offers 18 models of cabins, including the original peninsula round and rectangular with round corners.
The new range of shower enclosures MODULARSHOWER offers a revolutionary solution for the shower ,without the use of doors and sliding parts or flying.
These cabins are manufactured according to the size adaption by the customer. Order is very simple. After selecting the required template, just complete the basic plan metric dimensions A, B,C according to technical drawing. Heightof the cabinsmay varyfrom 170 to200 cm. Amodelwith size140x90istheonly type thathasa fixed size.In conjunctionwiththe cabinswithmoderndrainagecanalsallowsunlimitedvariablesthan thestandard dimensionsofshower trays. The absence of furniture hinges and seals allows you to give the products the Guarantee, 7 years.
The Frameless Glass Shower Doors Virginiaare simply superb. Cabinsmadeoftempered safety glass8 mm thickwith the finishof the surfaceoftheglassforeasy cleaning....
The new shower cabin tempered glass mat 6 mm
Shower combining simplicity ' and modern design, connubial that together makes it unique to any creation. Made simply chromed aluminium and tempered glass mat 6 mm,which, if you want, you can combine one of our shower columns.
To meet those who want to live better for less, we offer our shower at a nominal price.
The box can be adapted from a minimum of 2 cm less, to a maximum of 2 cm more than the original measurement.
Changes can be made to custom measurements for the Frameless Glass Shower Doors Ashburn, VA. Request a quote on our site.