Glass Railing Systems - Alexandria, VA:

Glass Railings for the Staircases of your home
On the glass structures….
Systems of glass enclosures from UBK ideal for small balconies equipment, creating exquisite outdoor fences,railings, parapets and allow improved design of both residential and commercial premises.
We can safely say that the structure of production - architectural design is of high quality.

  • The system maintains its reliability regardless of size.
  • Glasses do not have holes or gaps.
  • Glass fabric can easily be replaced without damaging the floor or the system itself.
  • The system can be used glass sheets up to 120 cm, excluding the height of the base and the availability of the handrail.
  • The panel is made of safety glass. Glass can be transparent and colour film.
  • Glass panels can be used without handrails, and the edges of the panels are sanded, or with aluminium handrails.
Glass Railing Systems can be painted in different colors, pearl, smoky effect, imitation wood, imitation stainless steel or in any colour scale RAL.
  • A base and compact size are dependent on the thickness and height of the window. Grounds closed oval or square aluminiumcaps.
The importance of Glass Railing Systems Virginia:
Stair railings are the most important component of the stairs, which is present in almost any building. Such fencing systems are configured for safety, but they can also serve as a decorative feature. A railing made by professionals, may become one of the most striking additions to the interior of a prestigious building.
The most popular to date material for railing is metal. But look more attractive fencing systems, which include railings, incongruous with wooden handrail and a flight of stairs lined with wood and fitted with glass elements.
Stair railings are divided into two groups: internal and external stairs. For outdoor stairs characteristic susceptibility to external influences, such as weather. Therefore, the materials of which they are made, must be the most stable.
For internal most important is their strength and beauty. The most modern and attractive material for such a system of fences on the right is the glass.
Glass Railing Systems Alexandria, VA are perfect for you….
Glass barriers have the form of panels in length, usually from 900 to 1500 mm. The panel thus may be planar or radiuses, depending on the type of ladder. Top panel attached to special racks, handrails attached. Racks may not work if applied thick self-supporting panels having a thickness of 15-20 mm.
If the design solution handrails, they are fastened to the glass with metal brackets. They can also be attached directly over the glass, if there are special slots for this.
In spiral staircases use bent or, as it is called, curved glass. Can also be used as a triplex glass stair barriers, tempered glass or acrylic. All of these materials are durable and completely safe. The glass can be both transparent and opaque, or it may be tinted or decorative pattern.