Frameless Shower Doors - Alexandria, VA:

Brilliant Designs of the Frameless Doors for Shower Areas
Great range of shower doors and other materials:
We offer an extensive range of shower cabins and showers. Due to the wide variety of immediately available variants can also be found for unusual installation situations in the bathroom a suitable glass - enclosed shower the offer. The shower enclosures are made from 6mm toughened safety glass (ESG), never use any frame structures and complement this pure transparency with high-quality chrome and solid metal fittings.
In addition to the functionality of the shower stalls, of course, is also the timelessly elegant design of the Frameless Shower Doors in the foreground - the geometrically clear design of shower cubicles ensures permanently pleasing visual impression in any bathroom. Especially at U- showers (showercubicles, three-sided), which are mounted only on a brick wall, this genuine frameless construction is a clear optical profits.
There are certain which are great, simply!
High is at showers the glass and not the price: The standard glass height which is impressive allows mounting on a tile-able shower floor element or directly on the floor. Of course, but a great shower is also suitable for mounting on standard shower trays and acrylic or cast mineral soil elements. The glass showers components must be screwed in any case with fixings in tiled shower floor element or in the shower tray.
Shower cubicle with wall adjustment: with frameless showers almost unique.
Knowing more on these Frameless Shower Doors Virginia….
Despite the omission of metal profiles on the walls, this means at shower cubicles not waiving a wall adjustment possibility, as with most other frameless glass showers. Through a sophisticated functionality to crooked walls can using special transparent plastic compensation profiles at the shower simply offset to 10mm - this allows easy and clean installation without wide silicone joints. For the niche doors shower enclosures, this means an adjustment range of 20mm, which is nearly unique in frameless showers. Through this technique, there is a solution for almost every Recess 67.5 to 256 cm without costly custom-made and naturally available. That is absolute freedom in planning: from the narrow niche shower enclosure to resolution for rare special dimensions in the niche area or replacement of the existing tub with a luxurious niche doors shower enclosure - it can be realized immediately and without costly customization.
In every bathroom fit a shower.
The measurements for these areas for the Frameless Shower Doors Alexandria, VA:
Many of these showers models are available in up to 168 different sizes, partly in 1cm pitch pattern in 67.0 to 156.5 cm leg length. Each shower cubicles model costs the same price in any available size. So even unusual degree combinations are affordable and you can take advantage of the available space in the bathroom perfectly. In the small bathroom to provide corner shower cabins with glass fixed parts at or quarter- round shower - as required equal or unequal - the design of the bath adapt the existing spatial conditions. For low ceilings or under the eaves there are showers with a shorter glass height of 173 cm.