Custom Shower Enclosures - Vienna, VA:

Unbelievable Functionality of the Shower Doors
Setting up shower stalls:
Shower stalls full come with the following components: a shower tray with extra flat access angle ramp to allow access to a wheelchair , two fixed panels at a good height , that is a retaining bar with slide using rigid fulcrum for disabled persons , two shower doors swivel halfway with shatterproof glass which give the possibility to a third party to intervene d a curtain rail and to personalize your choice integral shower cubicle , and profiles for stiffening the structure of the shower assembly . This year, our shower enclosures are enhanced by a design and a mosaic spinner which is needed to anticipate possible finishes in the context of a replacement bath soap dish.
Shower enclosures - Access front - 2 large hinged doors
Installed in a front access configuration, choosing a shower is conditioned by both the ergonomic requirements and architectural constraints of the bathroom. Simple and robust assembly, shower cabins feature all the advantages of a place of relaxation and well-being for your body safely. To respond to a problem of optimal modularity, we propose a system of two large hinged doors for its cubicles front access. Such are our Custom Shower Enclosures.
To meet the various disability issues and needs of people with reduced mobility, IDHRA has developed a system of two large hinged doors for its cubicles.Shower cabins front access with two large pivoting doors are characterized as an alternative standard suitable for the whole family. The opening of the tall doors of the shower is with two handles and pivot outwards only.
In closed-door position, the shower has a traditional use in a seated position with the addition of a shower seat or standing.
All on the best quality….
All Custom Shower Enclosures Virginia are assembled with aluminium profiles and fitted with shatterproof polycarbonate glazing resistant to shocks of a wheelchair. Shower stalls full come with the following components: a slim line shower tray, a removable ramp to allow access to a wheelchair, a rear panel and two side panels of considerableheight, of a horizontal and a vertical retaining bar with slider which can serve as a rigid support for disabled persons, two large doors swivel shower with glass shatterproof; profile to stiffen the structure of whole shower.
For information on all of our shower cubicles front access with two large doors, click on the link and download our fact sheets.
The Custom Shower Enclosures Vienna, VA are characterized by its generous dimensions and height 2100 mm. Angle or between two walls, cubicles provide greater transparency and give space in your living ergonomic bathroom.
Because the aging population makes it necessary to adapt housing designed for people with reduced mobility, a concept of shower enclosures swing doors, meet the most demanding criteria: usability, safety, functionality and aesthetics. These are definitely the best for you. Hence it is wise to go for them.