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Some Easy Steps to Repair Window Frames & Glass
Repairing windows….
Weather is one of the worst enemies of your home, whether the scorching heat of summer, the cold of winter or bad weather - such as lightning, high winds and hail. Hail is particularly difficult for the windows. Each hailstone larger than a quarter can break most of the windows. Although plastic provide some protection, they are also susceptible to damage from hail bigger, driven by strong winds or hail. The method of repair depends on the installation. Things you’llneed
heat Gun
replacement point’s
substitution box
Latex enamel
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Wooden frames
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  1. Scrape the putty around the outside edge of the glass pane of the window plastic, by using a sharp wood chisel. Heat put the glazing with a heat gun to soften it.
  2. Remove the staples that hold the small plastic in place. The points are small diamonds or metal pins of triangular shape which are pressed into the window frame to hold the pane firmly against the frame.
  3. Lift the damaged panel from the chassis. Scrape any remaining glaze or caulk from the frame with a scalpel.
  4. Measure the frame from inside to inside. Use the measurements for the purchase of a new plastic panel. Make sure it is the same thickness as the original panel. The experts of Window Glass Repair Virginia will help you.
  5. The new pane in the frame. Install two kind of thrust points along each side of the box. Press the strengths in a wooden frame, with a scalpel.
  6. Apply a thick bead of silicone latex glazing compound around all four edges of the frame on the outside. Soak the chisel with a cup of clear water. Drag the chisel moistened along the bead of polish to smooth in a neat, tapering line. Scrape off the excess polish with a plastic spatula rigid.

  7. Metal or vinyl frames.
  8. Remove the plastic or glass strips vinyl from the window frame on all four edges of the outer part of the window. Press firmly the joint between the glass and the window frame strips so that the strips depress slightly, snapping out of the frame.
  9. Cut around the edge of the damaged plastic glass in the window, using a thin spatula to loosen the silicone caulk holding the box in place. Pry panel from the chassis. Scrape the remaining caulk from the frame with a spatula.
  10. Run a thin bead of silicone caulk to 100 per cent around the edges of the window frame in which the new plastic will rest. Place a sheet of plastic replacement of the same height, width and thickness as the original plate in the frame.
  11. Press the strips of plastic or vinyl glazing in the rear outer side of the frame, on all four sides of the pane. This is better explained by the Window Glass Repair Tyson’s Corner, VA professionals.