Glass Shower Enclosures - Tyson's Corner, VA:

Best shower Enclosures that you should Know
How to choose your shower enclosure?
Choosing your shower wall is crucial to manage the space of your bathroom. The ones with access to a unique range: fixed or swivel wall shower, round or pentagonal, with or without shower door ... Two mounting options are available: the shower wall with hinges or profiles.
Shower wall with hinges:
The range of Glass Shower Enclosures with hinged cultivates a refined aesthetic. Only the hinges make the link with the wall, which enhances the brilliance of metal and transparent glass. Tip: taking odds done on site is mandatory, manufacturing will be made to measure.
This offers three series with hinges. Hinges and handles in matt silver or chrome , angular or soft shapes ... The shower screen can be limited to a glass door or fixed wall raised alone. It may also consist of several components, doors and fixed walls to close a shower area. Ask us!
Shower with profiles:
These are the most practical ranges. The profile system allows installation of the wall of simple and quick shower without taking careful measurements or checking out of square on site. Conventional models come with shower door pivot, double wing,swivel, folding or sliding. Design and trendy, the shower screen fixed without “Walk -in -shower " door incorporates the shower as an area of free movement in the bathroom.
Ease of maintenance:
Our Glass Shower Enclosures Virginia are specially designed for minimum maintenance. The water drains easily with a smooth inner side of the glazed wall. To optimize the maintenance of your shower wall or your bathtub wall, anti- limestone treatments (optional) or the standard ones that prevent lime scale and dirt adhere tenaciously to glass. To optimize the maintenance of your shower wall, we recommend that you rinse successively with hot and cold water and dry after each use. Once a month, clean with diluted vinegar water removes soap scum and lime scale. Applying these maintenance tips, you will keep your shower enclosure or bathtub in excellent condition for years.
Complete shower cabins:
This offers 3 ranges of shower enclosures : which are all popular and are useful for sure. These shower enclosures are available in various dimensions and leave the choice of opening system hinged doors, sliding or folding. With the help of these you are sure to get an enhanced bathroom décor.
Your ‘shower-ing’ choices with the Glass Shower Enclosures Tyson’s Corner, VA:
If you consider the shower as a privileged moment of relaxation , the ones we provide recommend a shower equipped for hydro massage as a temporary thing .
With thisrange, you can say goodbye to the walls of fixed shower and enjoy a round cabin with pivot door or sliding choice. Another advantage of the shower: comfort thanks to an integrated seat and a large interior space.
Tempo range offers cabins asymmetrical or square shower. The doors are made of safety glass with aluminium frame powder coated white.