Glass Railing Systems - Springfield, VA:

Glass Railings are the Best for your Staircases
Excellent railings for staircase and balcony:
Glass railing or balcony railings not only make a good job of fall protection, but are also the same design and design element. Especially in today's time when the demands on approximately balcony railings are getting larger, you are best served with the choice of a glass railing.
Thus, for example, with a staircase in more than three steps a railing duty. The minimum height for a handrail is 90 cm, in workplaces even 100 cm. For drop heights greater than 12 m, a balustrade of at least 110 cm must be attached. These rules are also true for glass railing. Glass Railing Systems are the best even if the aluminium ones are good.
Knowing more on this….
If you want to know more about railings, in particular glass railing or balcony railings, just contact us. We are happy to answer your questions around the topic of glass railing. You can view our previous work of glass balustrades and balcony railings are also welcome.
Our all-glass railings of the brand are known for high quality and easy installation. We developed a functional system that can be worked design.
We can supply you the complete railing profiles, sealing material, glass, fasteners, as well as prefabricated corner solutions, different veneers for superior soil profiles and much more. Even the installation is through our partner, a metal building firm, depending on the subject and the distance possible. Our glass railings have ABP (general construction inspection test certificate) and statics. This is also true for soil profiles that have been developed specifically for use in public areas.
How it is done and what you must know:
Generally, there are either glass railing to superiors,i.e.frontal, or patch attachment. In both versions, there are many opportunities for individual configuration. Handrails can be made of stainless steel round, oval or square. In the interior can also be used a wooden handrail. Here we have profiles of beech, oak and ash on offer. The aluminium floor profiles are supplied either in press bare or anodized surface. The latter are polished stainless steel finish. For the intent profiles we have developed specific delusions, in bevelled or in box form, which is available with integrated LED lighting. However the Glass Railing Systems Virginia are superior in quality.
Know what it is….
You see, the program is extremely diverse. Not to mention, the design options with different types of glass. The laminated safety glass cannot just simply clear but opaque by means of coloured or printed laminated films , semi- transparent, coloured , etc. be varied. Of course, the glass surface can be processed, for example by gluing, laser or sand blasting. This is especially interesting if a glass balustrades is chosen with integrated LED lighting. Read more about it, visit our Glass Railing Systems Springfield, VA.
More and more people pay attention when building a house that everything is designed as open and spacious. Unlike before, today you could wish for large spaces, as little as possible walls and floor-length windows so that natural light can flood the whole house.