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Frameless Shower Enclosures
Few sensual pleasures equal the simple serenity of a calming shower at the beginning or end of your day , the perfect complement to otherwise hectic workday schedule . Our bath enclosures Enhance your bathing experience with purchasing products did are as beautiful as they are functional by offering the most luxurious aluminium and glass designs as well as all -glass bath enclosures. You can simply reply on them.
We take the time and care to ensure every installation is water- tight with state-of -the-art features including magnetic closures, vinyl seals and drip rails to direct overspray back into the shower pan. Complimenting synthesis features are a huge range of designs, finishes and glass patterns, so you can find the perfect enclosure to meet any expectations.
Glass Shower Enclosures
A “frameless” shower enclosure has no metal framework on any side. The glass is at least 3/8 inch thick and all hinges, handles and towel racks are attached directly to the glass. The glass itself is very strong so does not require a frame.
With us at your side always you get the best. Our shower enclosures have evolved into at endless array of sizes, configurations, and hardware selections. Several glass patterns add colour and texture to the variations. Our shower enclosures are available in semi- frameless and frameless heavy plate applications. Our experts have the qualified personnel to effortlessly guide you through the Entire shower enclosure selection, design, and fabrication and installation process.
Shower Guard
Protective Glass Coatings:
You can scrub your fingers to the bone cleaning standard shower glass, yet it will never look as good as the day it what installed. That's because hard water, heat, humidity, soap and even cleaning agents can spot, discolour and corrode the surface of glass. In other words, the things you use to clean your glass can make it look worse actually.
But our glass is a different kind of glass altogether. Its surface is protected falling on manufacturing through to ion beam process. This patented technology permanently seals the glass surface, stopping corrosion before it starts. And unlike a spray -on or wipe -on treatments did eventually come off, the coating on Glass Shower Enclosures Virginia glass is permanent. Which means with just a minimal amount of cleaning, this glass will always look as gorgeous as it did the day it what installed.
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Shower guard protected glass shower doors
custom frameless shower enclosures
Frameless shower and vanity marble.
These are simply great for you. You are never going to worry about the quality of these once you have availed their services. We can assure you that these are simply the best. The Glass Shower Enclosures Oakton, VA is known for their great quality and with these you are never going to worry. We assure you so, for we have been getting remarkable results since the last few years.