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On the Perfect Glass Railings for you
Selecting the glass railings for your interiors:
The choice of a glass railing and ' aesthetically conditioning almost exclusively due to the characteristics of visual lightness and natural inclusion into modern architectural contexts.The first provision, applied to a residential unit establishes a safe condition refers to the resistance of the railing to a horizontal thrust of 100 pounds per linear foot. The other regulation, which is part of our system of law, determines the design principles that relate to the glass infill.
On this point it is appropriate to make some general considerations for the Glass Railing Systems.
Although there are ones that prescribe the use of glass plates fall with safety class, compliance with this condition is not automatically determines the compliance of the balustrade. Iron balustrade panels with others, in case of impact, in addition to glass, also the connection system to the structure of the railing must withstand the stress.
The question now is placed on a purely simplification, providing an interpretation of technical and referring those interested in a more detailed analysis of the subject. Everything is determined by a test of resistance of the balustrade subjected to a dynamic load through the system known as the Pendulum Test.It is allsimulated,i.e., the resistance of the structure subjected to the accidental fall of a person and the subsequent impact with the floor of the railing.
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In this case there will be a different response to the stress in function of the type of anchorage which can be achieved with a metal frame along the edges of the plate or with clamps and connectors (commercially available), placed at the four corners of the glass. In this regard, open the evaluations about the best solution to be adopted as the issue moves on concepts and experimental verification of the effectiveness of the system of real connection of the Glass Railing Systems Virginia.
At the conclusion of this argument is drawn to the importance of a more comprehensive analysis of each case and suggests two possible solutions.
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In the first case , we adopt a system already fitted with industrially produced and certifications of compliance, while in the second , we proceed to an examination of conditions of stability and impact test on a sample of railing with the same characteristics (constraints with the structure AC , connections glass plates , etc. . ) similar to the one to be placed .
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