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In addition to a surface coating for easy cleaning our professionals also offera tailor- cut: The glass showers are made according to length. This unconventional solutions are possible. But glass shower cubicles offer much more - namely a platform for individual design options. Thus, the manufacturer offers almost all colors and numerous structural and surfaces. A special highlight for individualists: illuminated glasses with laser design designs. Or photo design glasses, whose motives are not, but lie within the glass and thus perfectly protected.
New transparency with glass showers:
The manufacturer is considered a pioneer in the development of all-glass showers. To this end, the company combined the know-how from the glass with the metal processing. So the company launched the triumph of glass showers. Here they helped change the function of the bathroom from the wet cell to a very personalized space. A trend that was recognized early on within the company. The company of ours consists of the best quality of Glass Shower Enclosures due to our years of extensive search and willingness to provide you the best. Years back the company moved to different parts of VA, since then the specialist is a member of the worldwide best companies. In addition to the all-glass showers, the manufacturer has now also tubs, spas as well as design - washbasins in his range.
Showers, shower enclosures and glass shower cubicles:
Here at our online shop, we offer you the perfect solution for any bathroom: shower enclosures and shower doors made of tempered safety glass at remarkably low prices. Sleek, clean design is the hallmark of the Glass Shower Enclosures Virginia, while the showers are very easy to install. Massive, high-quality chrome-plated metal fittings in a rectangular design and a 6mm toughened safety glass (ESG) guarantee both security and functionality a timeless yet elegant look of the frameless glass enclosures. The luxury glass height of 195cm allows both a mounting directly on the floor or on a tile able ground element. Our showers can be equally well on standard shower trays and acrylic floor elements assemble, the safety glass components of the showers must not be anchored with fasteners in the tub or tiled floor element.
Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures Herndon, VA with wall adjustment - the showers fit in.
Unlike many other frameless shower enclosures made of real glass, we present an innovative concept: For such a shower is crooked walls can be compensated up to 10mm by special transparent plastic compensation profiles - this allows a clean and easy installation without large silicone joints. This enclosure stands for pure design for any bathroom. We offer reasonable prices, fast delivery and good customer service - in the field of frameless glass showers, we are thus your competent partner. Our bathroom professionals at your disposal for all questions relating to your bathroom situation available: Consult phone and test our performance.