Custom Shower Enclosures - Herndon, VA:

Self-Learning for the Shower Enclosures
Do you need help to find the perfect shower?
How to custom fabric shower curtain:
A decorative fabric shower curtain can be expensive and hard to find. Even the best stores have limited options, and let's face it, we have not seen it all before? Make your own custom fabric shower curtain can save you money, fit your personal style and offer a satisfying feeling of success with relatively little effort.
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Things you need
5 meters from a 54 inch width fabric (may need additional if with a stripe or plaid that must be strung)
Thread to match or contrast
Shower curtain liner (it is cheaper to buy a)
12 curtain rings or hooks (optional)
Eyelets (optional)
sewing machine
Fabric Marker
Scale or " Straight "
Make the Custom Shower Enclosures:
Most shower curtains measuring 72 x 72 inches. To ensure that your shower is average size, measure the opening from left to right and from the rod to the ground, then add 2cm width seam correction and 6 inches in length for hems.
Measure the fabric and mark it with a marker washable fabric and a straight edge. For a 72 -inch by 72 -inch curtain measuring 37 Inches wide, and 78 cm in length and mark the underside of the fabric in that direction.
Cutting the fabric along the cut lines manufacture two pieces of the same size.
Close the seam center by specifying the material regions together with the wrong sides before and sewing close along the edges, then turn the fabric so that the right sides are together and the raw edges of the seams inside and you iron it flat. Sew the seam again with the sewn edge as your guide, the seam consideration is wide enough that the raw edges are enclosed. Iron the finished seam flat with enclosed seam on both sides.
On each side of the fabric, flat iron, then turn under another. Inch and iron again. To sew PIN and side seams.Custom Shower Enclosures Virginia are easier to be done in this manner.
Hooks, rings and eyelets
Eyelets are metal eyelets large enough for rings or hooks. You need to 11:50 depending on how many hooks or rings are in your package.
Place on the right side of the fabric to the back of the spout, with the points on, protrudes on the back of the fabric and press the points through the tissue.
Align the front of the spout to the back and use a grommet punch to the two parts together.
Trim away excess tissue within the spout.
Connect to hang hooks or rings of the curtain and the shower curtain liner using the same rings or hooks.
Tips & Warnings
Your fabric of contrasting colour - block panels or patchwork can be constructed, or it can be decorated with appliques,jewellery, fabric colour, beadwork or buttons. Be creative. A nice treat is let in a pure panel at the top to light for the Custom Shower Enclosures Herndon, VA.