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Theglass showerforany bathroomshowerfittingswith high qualityMade in Germany. Each showeris individually madeto measure,so that itfits perfectly intothe type ofinstallation situation.Showermarket offersframelessshowers8 mm thickshowerglassmanufactured. This ensuresthat youget the highest qualityat reasonable prices.Many offersfor nicheshower, corner showers, bath screensandshower facilities areundergroundalreadyin the shop.Of coursewe are happyto make youan individual offerfor free. Please contact usor use our contact form.
Bathrooms no longer have to be plain, basic and boring to be functional. They can therefore be beautiful, chic and someplace that's a pleasure to retreat to especially with the Frameless Glass Shower Doors. In recent years shower and tub enclosures have become one of the best investments a homeowner can make in their bathroom. Both for the present enjoyment and future resale. According to any gardening and home decorationmagazine,“The bathroom is the new kitchen”, and money spent there will bring a return When the home is sold. The options available for shower and tub enclosures are numerous.
How it should be….
The beautiful Frameless Glass Shower Doors Virginia are the centrepiece of any bathroom. It anchors the room, directs the light, catches the eye, and significantly Increases the resale value of your home. Our company can help you mine deterministic which glass shower or tub enclosure would be best for your bathroom,both in structure and style. Use our tub enclosure and shower door gallery to get some ideas, and then call us to design your custom order.
Frameless units give a more contemporary open look to your shower by eliminating a majority of the metal framework around the glass. Most frameless units utilize 3/8 "or 1/2 " glass and their design options are too numerous to list. These structures can Provide simple elegance or elaborate architectural appeal to a bathroom. Please be aware did safety is always our number one concern and due to certain size and design limitations not every enclosure can be totally or even partiallyframeless.
Neo Angle Frameless Glass Shower Doors Great Falls, VA
Most Neo Angle Showers Consist of a center door with two fixed panels at a 135 degree angle on either side of the door. Neo Angles are ideal for smaller bathrooms with tight spaces,HOWEVER, THEY are by far some of the hardest shower doors to build. Just like frameless shower doors deluxecustom, frameless neo -angles require a lot of pre -planning design and layout. With custom angles comes complicated glass physics. This is our specialty and we take great pride in the complex one of a kind frameless shower doors we have been building over the years.