Window Glass Repair - Fairfax, VA:

7 Sequential steps to repair window glass with ease
When there are windows at home, it’s quite obvious that at some point of time you’ll require repairing the window glasses. If the window glass is cracked or it’s completely smashed beyond repair, then you’ll have to replace it. However, repairing isn’t that difficult a job either. By following some careful steps you can repair your window glass easily.
7 Simple steps you need to follow for repairing window glass:
Here are 7 important steps that you must follow for successful window glass repair. Have a quick look at the steps below:

  1. Start with removing the window sash: You must be very careful while removing the window sash. You must remove all the pieces of glass cautiously. You can use a putty knife, a chisel, glazier’s tool, or the flathead screwdriver to remove all the old pieces of glass. Window glass repair Virginia is not possible without proper cleaning of the old pieces of glass. So, cautiously remove the pieces first.

  2. Paint the bare wood: Once you’re done with the removal of broken pieces of glass, you need to paint the exposed wood. You can use a fast-drying paint primer for that purpose. The paint will protect the wood from further erosion.

  3. Get the right measurements: If the glass is damaged beyond repairing, then you’ll have to replace it. Measure properly the size of the glass you need for replacement. Proper measurements will make the process faster.

  4. Put some waterproof seal: It’s essential to put watertight and weatherproof seal while repairing the window glass. When you’re replacing the glass, don’t forget to apply caulk on the frame of the window. This will help to keep the glass pane in place.

  5. Apply the glazing compound as well: Glazing compound is also important to set the window glass properly. You must use ample glazing compound and set it with the putty knife properly. Also make sure not to leave any excess compound on the glass. Scrape off the excess compound and set it with care.

  6. Put the sash back properly: After setting the glass with compound, it’s time to put the sash back. After the sash is placed you must allow the compound to dry for at least a few weeks. In this way the glass will be sealed with the compound.

  7. Put some paint if you want: After the window is repaired you can apply some paint on the window. Don’t use too much of paint and avoid staining the glass. You can leave a thin layer of color between the glass and the wood to make the seal stronger.

Yes, just follow these 7 simple steps for successful window glass repair Fairfax, VA. If you want you can also look for professional assistance and repair the window glass. In that case, you’ll have to pay fees for the professional help. So, make sure to check the fees before hiring the professional.