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The shower wall that magnifies the bathroom.
A shower takes up valuable space in the bathroom -does it really make it so? Our design group was not merely this fact and responded by creating the latest techniques, the wall of innovative shower. A shiny chrome look set against the wall frame forms the out line of the shower wall. Two large AD translucent glass or mirror eddoors on one side are embedded in this framework.Just after the shower,the"fold" simply against the wall. So no rail disturbing scheduling the room,taps and shower hose are hidden and the bathroom seems to be much more spacious, especially with mirror edglass.Our is like a perfectin combination with the shower trays
Nowadays, many hotels offer their customers a variety of relaxation facilities and wellness designed to relax after the stress of everyday life. More and more people want to enjoy home beneficent and revitalizing effects of the spa they discovered in a hotel. Good to know: there meantime whirlpool tubs,whirlpools, steam baths or saunas specially designed for private bathrooms. The pleasure of well- being and relaxation are now entering homes and almost without restriction, quite in the spirit and desires of the consumer. Manufacturers for Glass Shower Enclosures meet the requirements and the most diverse applications, even when there is little space.
Modern designs of Glass Shower Enclosures Virginia to enliven your bath….
Broad head , narrow feet, with its trapezoidal shape, the car bath offers enough space and comfort and demonstrates that the bath can also be a pleasure only in 1700 x 1000 mm. Thanks to its specially designed shape , the bathtub is comfortable , even for tall people , especially in the dorsal part and also with well- elongated legs. A step (optional) in front of the tub for easy access. Systems of nozzles and injectors and a module with five coloured light sources embedded in the walls pamper user within the tub. With its 1300 x 1700 m and 1400 x 1800 mm, larger models can comfortably accommodate two people.
The feeling of being in a natural shower….as if….
The pleasure of the bath can be increased further: we do not just take a dip in the pool but ours one is, seasonal fantastic lightness of floating in warm water. On a floor area of only 140 x 140 cm, designed by our experts the pool has a depth which is perfect, on request, the perfection of a whirlpool system. A remote control allows you to adjust various functions such as the underwater coloured light, the latter program with the new nozzles equipped with three functions: water alone, or a single air sparkling combination of both. Such and more are availed with the Glass Shower Enclosures Fairfax, VA by us.