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Frameless shower
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Frameless showers:
The design-conscious buyer’s access to nearly frameless shower enclosures, which are available in 6 or 8 mm thick glass. Models, which consist only of fittings and glass, are characterized by their sophisticated look. Disadvantage here is that even make it impossible lightweight wall slants the installation of completely frameless cabs. Alternatives are models with a fixed part that is mounted with wall connection profile, combined with a door that is kept by means of fittings. The statement “not 100% tight" Even when you select this type applies.
The fitness and wellness claim justice to the Frameless Shower Doors, which are equipped with meaningful functional elements, shower head , power shower , mixer tap , massage jets , steam generator, shower radio , shower lighting and other smart details . Here, the customer has the choice between complete units, which are available with acrylic back walls and sky and functional shower cubicles that are installed with special trays as usual shower stalls in front of the existing bathroom tiles.
Frameless shower screens from the retail trade
Frameless shower enclosure – glass:
Anyone planning a remodeling or a bathroom renovation, the well advised with a visually beautiful glass shower of healers and the surface- flush hinges which we provide. The joy of new, modern shower enclosure is guaranteed for many years.
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In a beautiful, visually airy shower enclosure made of glass, for example, with the shower type i.e. of healers, the day begins before breakfast with pleasure. Everything is bright and sparkling, as with the surface flush hinges of the series of our shower doorsare the frameless glass shower extremely easy to maintain: With a few simple wiper with the puller and the next family member has a morning view. However, the new shower enclosure can only be made if that is almost complete. In order for the new shower enclosure is perfect, shower tray and walls must be positioned exactly measure namely. The advantage: Since each pane of glass in the healer plant is manufactured according to length, so sloped walls or from the right angle corners for deviating from the manufacturer are no problem.
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The installation itself is a science in itself, is necessarily in the hands of a trained sanitary fitter. These are up to 35 kg, 8mm thick glass panes of toughened safety glass must put the skilled artisan in a systematic order and with much feeling, care and precision. The shapely Forged sure he understands to assemble, adjust and adjust to the millimeter. In just two to three hours he has finished the complete installation. When the silicone joints are cured on the wall and shower tray after 24 hours, the Frameless Shower Doors Fairfax, VA can begin fun in the new bathroom.