Frameless Shower Doors - Chantilly, VA:

Get the Best Frameless Door Varieties from the Experts
Aesthetic transparent and quality finishes for pre-assembled shower.
Available in different shapes, shower Series Arc will win you over especially for their style transparent and simple. They also offer maximum stability and excellent water tightness. The box is pre-assembled and should therefore only be fastened. In addition, this series is equipped with safety glass quality on the thickness of 6 mm (with an optional anti-lime scalecoating) and sliding elements detachable for easy cleaning and guarantee a shower area toilet in time.
Classic - Shower preassembled versatile with an excellent quality / price ratio. Shower stable and versatile frame. Simple to install because it pre-assembled, good water tightness and an excellent quality / price ratio. All models of Frameless Shower Doors are equipped with a sliding door with detachable elements to allow for easier cleaning and accurate. What makes this series so refined? The transparent design, quality finishes and an optional version in elegant chrome / silver. As with all products of the brand of ours, anti-lime scale coating on the elements of the wall and the door is optional is guaranteed for 2 years.
POINT - The system variable folding wall with good water tightness, for any space requirements.
The Point folding wall system fits all bath tubs and features - depending on personal needs and space - of 1-4 folding elements. The elements are made of acrylic / polystyrene or safety glass.
The system will convince you with its functional mechanism for lifting / lowering. It also lets you precisely position the folding wall on the edge of the tub and ensures optimum water tightness. For easy cleaning and careful then, just rotate the folding wall of 180 °!
In this series of Frameless Shower Doors Virginia there is a folding wall for shower areas accessible to persons with disabilities. Stable and waterproof, this model is used mainly in public environments.
The continuous search for new technologies and careful examination of existing processes are the basis of our development. The comparison with the market becomes every day cue to perfect constructive and be able to follow the right direction.
Our framework is the collection of Frameless Shower Doors Chantilly, VA made of aluminium, characterized by the frame structure: aluminium profile, square section extra rill finish, creates a true "picture" in the frame, making the design of this collection of shower rigorous, solid and suitable to your needs and housing solution. Several different sizes and opening of the shower enclosure in aluminium. The range is extremely versatile and provides solutions hinged and sliding, among which the new bellows opening: minimal hinges and a system of high-tech hub allows easy opening, satisfying the needs and problems of size and space. An innovative and unique release system of the door of the shower stall allows the same to be able to be cleaned and inspected with greater ease.