Frameless Glass Shower Doors - Chantilly, VA:

Frameless Shower Doors of Glass are the Best
Shower screen, Walk-In shower glass walls:
A showerorshower screentoughenedrequireadvice and experience.
We design and install full Frameless Glass Shower Doors, while we have specialized in custom shower enclosures.
Our field staff visits by appointment-of course free of charge and without obligation. Done on weekends or in the evening.
We attach great importance toour suppliers, which produce exclusively in Germany. Only in this waywe can offerthe highest possible quality and affordable.
Our used fittings (hinges) are made ofzinc die-cast or stainless steel. Hinges made of brass, we reject in principle notimminent, but the sustain ability plays a crucial role for enteric us!
Your shower enclosure: almost EVERYTHING is possible:
The innovative installation in the corner: The functions of an assembled in to a corner shower a real most impossible to over look. We have a little bit for you"collected".
Possible mounting variants (an excerpt): We are happy to advise you free & without obligation, take thisto specify the form to your needs. This helps us (and you) to find the best shower enclosure for you. To the form (it opens a new window) for the Frameless Glass Shower Doors Virginia.
Product Description:
• Wide range offittings for different installation situations
• Cantered pivoting point and therefore can be used asswing door
•all wall connection laments with cover plates, thus all wall connections without visible screw
•Easy installation with best materials
•Forged in the zero position adjustable
• adjust able number of degree sin the angle connectors, thus easy mounting on walls that are not perpendicular to each other
• Carrying capacity(2bands)50 kg corresponding to a glass door of 1000x 2000mm with a glass thickness of 10mm
Glass tiles have been around longer, but not with photo-realistic motif print. Custom ceramic tiles, there are already, but here the subject is interrupted by the joints. With the compromises its over - now is a picture of a picture: We present glass tiles with high quality motif print - without disturbing joints, in brilliant quality, in different market-and application-oriented sizes, with different motifs to the possibility of individual motives to use.
Frameless Glass Shower Doors Chantilly, VA from us open up new design opportunities for private bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, bathrooms for hotel, health clubs, spa areas, spas - and saunas. You catch the look that will liven the ambience and the imagination , can be creatively mix and combine with ceramic tiles, with glass doors, glass rear walls and of course other materials.Our inventory of several thousand parts showers ensures a reliable and prompt order processing, and also allows in any case of damage, a quick response .
Take advantage of the help and inform yourself: On our site you will find answers to frequently asked questions , a glossary of key words and explanations about the bathroom as well as planning assistance and the Product Finder , an overview of all showers and shower enclosures.