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What are the advantages of glass service?
The whole disk needs to be replaced not always the same. Our free * glass repair will save you time and money: Already after one hour is your Volkswagen Commercial vehicle ready for use again.
The repair costs are paid mostly in the context of insurance by the insurer without the excess will be charged. If your insurance does not pay, ask for our cheap flight deals.
Under what conditions a glass repair can is possible?
The diameter of the impact site shall not be greater than 5 mm
The point of impact must be out of view of the driver
Emanating from the damaged area plans must not be longer than 50 mm and not run into the edge region of the disk
Between the film and / or inner disk must not be damaged
Dirt and moisture cannot be penetrated too deep
Glass Repair Service
These not only reduce your vision and thus your safety, but can also reduce the value of your vehicle .Swift action is needed so that small blemish not be too much damage. No problem for our workshop. Thanks to modern techniques small damaged are as repaired immediately. Quick, easy and above all, as a rule for you free of charge if your insurance covers glass damage (stone chips) in the windshield. And in case the replacement of the disc cannot be avoided, we'll do it at a very fair price. Ask you to keep us even after his cheap offers for the duration of the repair mobile.
At the planning stage, we take into account all structural requirements and building code requirements. For the professional installation not only our trained staff, but also the installation material to provide. We only use quality and fittings and profiles on your awnings, facade glass, interior doors, and sliding door systems and showers.
Inthisall-round serviceyoucan rely on!
As car repair services for the VW, VW Commercial Vehicles, repair your vehicle correctly and in accordance with current manufacturer's specifications. Our experienced staffs provide using the most modern workshop technology our services.
Glass Repair Service Virginia fix without all the disk replace
Therefore: If the accident happened - the best answer you immediately with us and we will check if the stone chip can be resolved by Clever Repair.
Glass repair is not possible if
the point of impact greater than 5 mm
the intermediate film and / or inner pane are damaged /
originating from the damaged area cracks greater than 50 mm and / or extend into the edge region of the disc.
Dirt and moisture are already penetrated too deep
the far field of view marked in red (right) and the marginal zone are affected (provision of the Highway Code).
The cracked glass repair service guarantees you the fastest most possible replacement for glass damage .Our large flat glass stock we have a wide range of replacement lenses available. Also, function and special glazing and the associated profiles we have always. All this guarantees you the fastest most possible exchange! Our delivery and installation Glass Repair Service Centreville, VA