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Ideas in Glass
All-glass railing with glass adapters.
These pre- assembled sets glass adapter can be mounted in two ways, firstly as a pure tool holder, which are screwed firmly in the ground and - mounted between the glass plates - holding two glass plates. In this case, no holes in the glass are necessary.
The second option is to per-adapter for the locking pin hole (15mm) to drill into the glass.
In both cases, the first step is the fastening of the glass adapter.
For this purpose, in the corresponding intervals matching holes are made, in which the anchor can be used (not supplied an adapter). Now the wall -side portion of the glass adapter can be screwed.
It is important to ensure that the correct wall anchors or screws are used to ensure a secure Glass Railing Systems installation.
(A) Installation with holes through the glass:
After the side wall portion of the adapter lens is mounted, the disk is placed on the lower support and firmly screwed from the front with the second part of the adapter and clamped thereby.
The cover plate in brushed stainless steel is still attached to the end.
(B) Installation without drilling glass for the Glass Railing Systems Virginia:
The fixed screw in the wall back part of the glass adapter holds in this case, two sheets of glass, which are fixed on the bottom shelf superscript and with the front of the adapter.
Please note that the passage spin must be adjusted in position with adapters at the end of a railing:
All-glass railing with glass adapters.
First matching holes for the anchors (M12) can be created and attached the anchor there in. If the anchor is seated firmly in the ground, the glass adapter can be plugged and screwed. A water balance is fixedly installed.
In the next step, the seals are set in both parts of the glass adapter.
After all the glass adapters are prepared, the glass is placed in the screw on the bottom part of the glass adapter and firmly bolted to the other side. Attention: after the cap has been used, it is difficult to remove without damaging them.
All-glass railings- General Information
About all-Glass Railing Systems Centreville, VA:
The most important thing first:
Send requests to all-glass railings possible, please state or under construction before the renovation!
Often the construction project has already been completed at the time of their quest with insulation or15-20cm structure in the interior .Here are caused by adapter or additional changes more prizes of up a lot of discount per meter!
Our all-glass railings are railing system with test certificates and may be installed by private individuals. Welding is not necessary. For the individual types are possibly still cover strips of aluminium (stainless steel effect) or brushed stainless steel. The profile must be selected so that it has a mount for the fascia boards. Details will beexplainedunder the individualsub-items.