Custom Glass Railings - Centreville, VA:

Glass Railings of Custom Options by the Experts
Knowing how it is doneā€¦.
Balustrade without post on the front side of the balcony. This shading is reduced to the balcony to a minimum and gives the viewer a clear view of the surroundings. The attachment of the railing comes here without anchors in buildings and ground, yet offers maximum security.
Window sill for a ceiling window with safety glass and stainless steel handrail. We have availed that the minimum height of parapets for the private sector for fall protection to at least 90 cm is determined by the state building code. In other states and for public buildings and kindergartens this can be much higher.
Great functionality with our premium quality railings:
Functional balcony railing with stainless steel handrail and tinted toughened safety glass for the Custom Glass Railings. The special heat treatment and the cooling process, the safety glass has a high shock and impact resistance, and a low sensitivity to stresses caused by extreme temperature differences. If the glass breaks only small pieces, which have no sharp edges and reduce the risk of injury caused.
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Crystalline - all-glass railings:
An all-glass railings with ground anchor made of aluminium profiles. Suitable for balcony and stair railings. The ground anchor a guide rail for better anchoring and adjustment mounted. Cover profiles and caps to match the system made of aluminium are available. The system is adapted for 16 or 20 mm glass thickness and glass height of 1000 mm (safety glass).The cover profiles are available for Custom Glass Railings Virginia in various RAL colors, special colors and imitation wood are coated.
The glass railing Crystalline is an ideal solution for balconies, stairs etc.
Three different handrails to match the system Crystalline.
- Round handrail, 50mm with matching groove for attaching patch.
- Handrail oval, 76 mm with a matching groove for attaching patch.
- Handrail round, 50 mm is fitted with handrail supports.
The handrails are available in various RAL colors, special colors be coated or anodised available in stainless steel design.
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