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Knowing Right on Glass Enclosures for Showers
Glass shower enclosures
The name of the exhibit hall , Aqua & Glass, it is proposed to call the transparency and lightness of two elements such as water and glass , and in the shower merge into one soul : that of relaxation.
In recent years the shower has assumed a very important role in bathroom: While it was once a room -sized and small, today is in fact a space tailored to design, implement and customize to suit your taste (and their pockets).
The measures are almost endless, thanks to the possibility of making special Glass shower Enclosures, and shower trays to size.
The proposal of the companies has been greatly enhanced: you can opt for models with sliding doors, folding doors opening doors, Saloon,pivoting, with opening angle or in conjunction with a door with a fixed side. You can choose between aluminium profiles - available in versions painted white, satin anodized or polished - stainless steel or chrome plated brass. Regardless of the finish, the most frequent request is without a doubt the smaller footprint of the profiles and hinges, to the benefit of a clean and simple design, but you can see numerous proposals to identify your style.
The tempered glass, thickness of 4, 6 or 8 mm depending on the collections has tended to transparent, as dictated by the fashions of the moment, but it can be opaque, satin finish,colourful or reflective.
You'll be spoiled for choice.
Shower::tempered glass and crystal
The market trend is to offer shower profiles with increasingly smaller to leave the shower area with a wider visibility often combining tempered glass or clear crystal with or without the anti-scale treatment.
The profiles of the box or the Glass shower Enclosures Virginia can be achieved both in polished chrome or satin anodized aluminium, painted white that even if you are spreading more and more demand from customers to have the steel profiles certainly more durable.
In our shop you will find an exhibition of shower is made of tempered glass that glass of varying price ranges, both in acrylic shower enclosures.
The shower stall that enlarges thebathroom:
A shower takes upvaluable spacein the bathroom.But it has tobe that way? The design group in our company has not accepted the situation and have created an innovative shower. The profiles on the wall create a polished chrome frame in which they are placed two large glass doors locking, transparent or with a hand mirror. After the shower you can just "shut down" by placing them on the wall. In this way they do not protrude more cumber some guides, taps and shower hose are hidden and the bathroom looks much bigger, especially with the mirror door. Ours is perfectly matched to the Glass shower Enclosures Sterling, VA. With the help of these and our services you are sure to get the best for yourself. We guarantee you that.