Frameless Shower Doors - Ashburn, VA:

Shower Enclosures of Glass are Great
The great collection of glass enclosures for showers:
The collection of shower enclosures and shower cubicles Hand is characterized by the absence of profiles and the presence of primary key and a zipper wall with unique design, the hinge itself and the handle, which inherits the shape, are made in precious and quality chrome finish. These shower enclosures without profiles , modern and elegant , expressing their functionality by opening doors and with the application of a pivot hinge wall, highly technical and did not lose sight of the practicality, allowing an adjustment of no less than 20mm, even in the total absence of profiles.
Among the accessories available there are towel rails to be applied to the crystal chosen cabin of round or square section to better fit the aesthetic lines of the other elements. Hand: minimalism at its most sublime expression, style at its most authentic, well-being which becomes daily ritual. Who chooses Frameless Shower Doors, aims to create a unique bathroom, elegant, sober and timeless. These accessories are simply great for your bathroom d├ęcor. It is good to try something new in a while, and with these you are heading towards the first and the best step which we avail to you.
Modula - System without a frame to open showers (nodoors) large sizes.
Modula is a stylish modular system for large showers with no doors. Flexible and refined style and modern, fits any space requirement. The installation can be flush with the floor or on a shower tray. The individual elements are made of tempered glass with an anti-scale system which facilitates cleaning. In addition, thanks to the elegant assembly, the danger of mould is reduced in a lasting way. A spacious shower and toilet area for your well-being with the Frameless Shower Doors Virginia!
No thickness and a completely smooth surface makes the series unique FLAT, making it an absolute novelty in the field of shower cabins. The hinges and handle seamlessly integrate into the tempered glass of 8 mm. The outstanding characteristics of this series, created by us in collaboration with the well-known study groups, are the highest linearity and stylistic rigor that stand out the elegance and lightness. The choice of outstanding and innovative materials used in the hinge, has allowed us to develop a hinge inside and outside without spacers which proves therefore ideal characteristics of cleaning. There are a number of advantages that you get with us. We have been the among the best source always.
With the combination of an elegant frosted glass and a bonding technique for high quality, also the Frameless Shower Doors Ashburn, VA are completely silicon- free dishes. The upper arm horizontal, fixed in parallel to the glass and integrated in the profile and in the hinge, is a further technical strength and simple assembly, which has made the entire series a perfect symbiosis between design, functionality and technology.