Custom Shower Enclosures - Ashburn, VA:

Expert Help on the Custom Shower Enclosures
All our models of shower can be custom made and fit perfectly in any space requirements.
At the base of each of our custom project there is the certified quality of materials, functionality and the unique style of the LAG: rigorous design and workmanship of every detail.
The result? A small spa right in your home, your oasis of pleasure and well-being daily.
We are a company who have been present since years, specializing in the manufacture of glass. We create bespoke items such as shower and Custom Shower Enclosures, mirrors and shelves, as well as interior doors, floors walkable, stairs and railings made of safety glass.
For the bathroom, the offer is extended by various complementary specific such as: shower trays in steel, shower mats and wooden stools, always in wood, all rigorously made to measure. The offer complete range of metal accessories.
How we do it:
We have divided the research of the shower according to the configuration (singledoor, two doors, etc.). For each type of shower has three lines, which are differentiated by type of material and strips of cost.
The shower customized fit perfectly with the idea patented floor level shower tray.
Just as a function of these platforms, offers shower with a very low footprint and an attractive design and modern style for the Custom Shower Enclosures Virginia.
The traditional method ensures that each item is unique on the market, thanks to its method of design details, developed with the careful analysis of the various contemporary living styles.
In this way everyone can design your own shower allowing himself the luxury of choosing every detail, from the size to the shape, material and accessories.
A new line of design that perfectly match the elegant furniture systems that now more than ever dictate a different way of living their own bathroom.
To know the price or access to offer you must request a quote for your custom measurements. Go to “Start your own shower " Would you like to renovate your bathroom? Elegance and functionality to best represent the style that has always distinguished Custom Shower Enclosures Ashburn, VA.
About an expert professional:
An expert is then able to create any shower of all shapes and sizes:glass, tempered, laminated,coloured,frosted, linear and curved. We offer bespoke shower, available in different sizes and dimensions. Shower on 3 sides, 2 sides or 70x90 and other measures. Here you can find your shower to measure and solve all your space problems easily.
Order online a box or a tub shower is easy to measure. It is enough that you tell us the exact measurements of the shower or the bath, following the instructions found below, and you choose between the PVC frame or the aluminium and glass. In a few days, we will tell you the estimated cost of product outsized made especially for you.