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Replaced glass and always complements more conventional building materials. This creates new opportunities for the design and planning unfold. The all-glass railing system is ideal for balconies, but also for stairs indoor and outdoor use. Glass railings are safe and give the viewer openness.
The newly developed aluminium mounting rail for glass railing of these convinced by their wide range of applications, using the railing as well as in staircases, public and private construction projects. In addition, it can be used easily with variable floor structures, wherein the load-bearing profile can be welded or screwed to the connection elements.
Welcome to the world of glass and metal compounds with Custom Glass Railings.
The high-quality product range of its pure lines, quality materials and flexible applications.With the plug-in and adhesive system offers an all-around solid and clean solution to high-quality railing plan and build. The fasteners are screwed or glued and keep the highest stresses.
Our extensive product range includes handrail and balustrade systems using all-glass railings to canopies. Another service is the processing facilities in the railing post production. Working as inclined holes, cutting the threads as well as the wounding of the root plates carried out professionally and on time.
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Whether for the balcony or the stairs - glass railings are a visual highlight and convey to the viewer transparency and openness. Glass railing favour an open space structure and let the light through the space. How it can look much brighter with the help of a glass railing even a dark stairwell. With the Custom Glass Railings Virginia, you get a lot.
In addition to the optical advantages of glass balustrades, safety is - especially when glass balconies - a very big role. With glass railings and glass balconies, a firm grip and crash safe mounting is guaranteed as well as in other railings too. Custom glass railings must first be statically sized and finally admitted.
However, there are also glass railing systems that already have a license and can be integrated into your building situation. If you have now opted for a glass railing or a glass balcony, you can contact us at any time. We will answer your questions and wishes very much.Glass balustrade enjoy both in public and private buildings rising in popularity because glass brings as a transparent material light and openness even in closely confined spaces. The balustrade glazing is a filigree, visual highlight - at the same time it protects from crash.
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Glass railings bring light into formerly dark stairwells. In public buildings, they provide transparency and thus take on a symbolic meaning. The impression of the viewer is influenced by the positive sensations of openness and light.
Glass railing the function before crash have to protect, they should be able to withstand loads safely. Custom railing glazing must therefore be statically sized and approved. Glass Railing Systems have been such admission and can be readily adapted to the respective spatial conditions.