Custom Glass Railings - Alexandria, VA:

Custom Railings for your Staircase
A recent trend:
Recently, more and more space in the design began to use glass stair railing. This piece of furniture like a staircase with glass railings creates a feeling of more space. Sometimes interior use ladders, which are equipped with glass steps, despite its apparent fragility, glass, specially treated, can withstand great physical exertion.Transparent and weightless stair railings made of glass accentuate attention to its lightness and originality. Due to its versatility, stair railings with glass can be used in private homes, office buildings, shopping centers.
Most often Custom Glass Railings are used for the implementation of the interior in the style of hi-tech, but also well suited to rooms decorated in different styles. For example, you can put on the surface of the glass and the photo room with skilful lighting completely transformed.
How these help you:
Glass designs allow you to implement any practical design ideas and imagination, thanks to this kind of treatment, such as bending. The glass sheet is heated to 600 ° C becomes flow-able and can take any desired shape. Under the action of gravity glass like “spreads” on the surface, but it remains intact and smooth. Thanks to this technology the production of stairs glass perhaps any, even very irregular shape. Architects also often perform fencing Curved glass balconies as smooth curves - an extraordinarily beautiful.
Applying design Custom Glass Railings Virginia for stairs, porches or balconies, you must know the requirements and guests. Railing balconies of glass shall be as specified in the standard data, so the glass thickness of 3 mm, may have a length - 600, and the height - 375 mm. At a thickness of 7.0 mm glass sheet size should be 2500 to 1600 mm.
Seems that loads can be done….
Using laminated glass fencing, you get reliable protection of people and property. Laminated glass is intended for glass constructions: building facades, windows and doors, windows, floors, etc. Laminated glass can also be used for the construction of various objects , for example, due to the technical characteristics of the glass used to manufacture fencing without stanchions in banks ' vaults and other institutions.
Before choosing laminated Custom Glass Railings Alexandria, VA on the stairs need to know what it is made of the following types :
withstand minor mechanical effects ( soft body blows , blows hard objects );
explosion ;
cold-resistant ;
fireproof ;
noise protection ;
laminated with special parameters (for example , glass enclosure with protection from interference , information protection , etc.).
To be concluded that….
If you decide to make fencing glass, prices will depend on the technical and operational features. Note the markings - the symbol, which is in the lower right corner, there is no need to overpay for those characteristics that cannot be used. Of course, explosion glass is much more expensive, and to make glass railing stairs - it is not an appropriate material. Perform better fencing stairs with glass triplex.